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It’s A Brand New Day

Today is a glorious day. We have spent our rage at the Lib Dems by annihilating the party. No matter that the party at large had been taken over by the Orange Book mob, leading to the very Blairite shift that allowed the front bench to work with Cameron. No matter that the Conservatives are still trundling along without a mandate and are the real danger, with their incredibly badly thought-out plans that will mostly likely damage an economy still reeling from Thather’s reforms. No bother that people are returning to a Labour that broke many of the same promises, turning the NHS into a market system, wanting to privatise prisons, introducing tuition fees and more. We’re angry because we were willing to believe Clegg so soon after Blair and we needed to hurt the party.

No, wait, that sounds bad.

Today is a glorious day. The people, having realised their error, have flocked back to the Labour party in droves, willing to overlook Labour’s broken promises forgotten in the need to give Clegg a good kicking. No more will we have a third party, but we shall return to the two party my-turn-your-turn lack of political choice that has existed for the last century. The people shall return to Labour; they have no choice.

No, wait, that sounds awful.

Today is a glorious day. The Conservatives’ irritating ally, already junior, has finally been reduced to insignificance. Any braking effect the Lib Dems may have had is gone; those granola-munching, sandal-wearing wussy Liberal Democrats have been pushed out of sight. The left, as always, has again turned to factionalism and self-harm, proving that they weren’t good enough to run things anyway. Now to get on with fixing the economic dog mess they left behind by following in the footsteps of Thatcher and Friedman.

No, wait, that sounds even worse.

As you can see, I’m having a trouble finding an upside to all of this.

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