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Bad news for the Coalition

YouGov has a poll out today (.pdf file)- and it doesn’t look good for the government.

On the economic front opinion is down.  Last October, 46% of those asked thought that the cuts were too deep and could tip the economy into a another recession.  That number has finally topped 52%.  Only 10% ‘don’t know’, showing how polarising  views on the economy are.

Interestingly, 50% support making the 50p tax bracket permanent, an idea that seems to be unthinkable in parliamentary circles.  Although this question doesn’t have a comparator from a previous period, it does match social trends data, which consistently  said that lower earners should be paid more, while top earners were worth less than they received.

Things are less certain with the government’s planned NHS reforms (which, I should point out, are very reminiscent of the GP fundholding scheme they failed to bring in last time). 25% approve of the changes, while 39% think they’ll end badly.  Interestingly, 36% don’t know how it’ll pan out.

In addition, only 16% think they NHS plans are well thought out, while 50% think they’re not.  Hardly faith in the coalition’s competence.

Things aren’t much better in Free Schools: those polled are split almost equally on whether or not ‘free’ schools are a good idea/bad idea/don’t know.  Interestingly, the ‘Big Society’ element is a non-starter: while only 26% would like a ‘free’ school in their area (compared to 33% against), only 6% would actually want to get involved.

It kind of strengthens the argument that some things are state activities, some are charitable/community acts and that people want schools to stay in the former area.

Overall, I’m not surprised.  Again, it’s worth remembering that even after 13 years of New Labour rule, the Iraq war, various scandals and rising indequality, the Conservatives still couldn’t scape up anything like a majority.

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