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If Ed counts as Red, then I want to be dead

Really? Red Ed?  And he’s a damned atheist as well!

Mr Miliband and brother David are of Jewish descent, but religion did not play a large part in their upbringing by their Marxist father Ralph Miliband.

From what I heard, neither did his father’s Marxism, but we can’t say that, can we now?  Next thing you know, people will want wages to stop stagnating.

And he’s doing something dodgy with his house and isn’t marrying like a good Christian!

Gotta love this bit:

Tony Blair’s silence since the election of Ed Miliband appears to confirm claims by friends that the former Prime Minister regards it as a disaster for the Labour Party.
Right, right.  Who oversaw massive decline in party membership, reversed most of the policies they were elected on and joined Bush in Iraq, to the deaths and expense of British taxpayers?

I’m not overly for Milliband, but I’m not overly against him.  I really didn’t want his brother, who still carried so much of the worst Blairite baggage, to get in, but I could say that about Andy ‘We didn’t get the balance of civil liberties wrong’ Burnham.  And I didn’t have a vote in the issue anyway.

What bothers me is that we are seeing the press leap to the same slurs and non-scandals that were used against Clegg in the elections, despite the backlash there.  I don’t know if there will be a backlash, it’s just depressing to see them on their old game so quickly, having learned nothing and with no good reason.

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