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People don’t agree with the pope…he agrees with them.

Comres has a poll this morning on behalf of the religious think-tank, Theos.  It claims that, despite the history of Catholicism in this country and the generally secular nature of British society, that people are OK with the pope.  Presumably this is to smooth the way for whenever Pope Benedict ‘I was a Nazi but I didn’t inhale’ comes over.

Quoth the head of Theos:

‘What is really striking is not simply that the public tends to agree with Pope Benedict’s social teaching but that they agree so strongly.


Obviously I’m not going to claim to speak for everyone (I don’t, or Simon Cowell would have been exiled long ago for crimes against public culture) and I’m not going to claim that I know the mind of the British public.

But I do know a shitty poll, presented in a very slanted light, when I see one.

The poll took twelve statements from the Pope’s letter Caritas in Veritate (charity in truth, if my Latin is right) and asked people if they agreed with them.  But the statements taken (at least, the ones selected) were so bland and inoffensive it’s hard to see how anyone would have agreed.  Unless they were actual contrarians.

These were such gems of strong Catholic dogma as:

‘Investment always has moral, as well as economic significance’.

…Wait, the pope is cadging ideas from The Guardian now?

Then there’s:

‘Technologically advanced societies can and must lower their domestic energy consumption’.

From anyone who understands what it’ll take to reduce climate change – brought to us by climate science.


‘Moral evaluation and scientific research must go hand in hand’

I’m guessing the 9% who disagreed were mad scientists in training.  More importantly, the statement shows an interesting view of science because, as the poll shows, who really is going to disagree with that statement?  I wouldn’t.

Then there’s the oh-so controversial:

‘It is irresponsible to view sexuality merely as a source of pleasure’

I’m what I can only call a ‘sexual libertine’ and I agree with this statement. Not because the pope said it, but because, well, duh.  Sex is pleasurable and sex is wonderful, but it is still best when with a loved one.

There’s only only logical conclusion here: we don’t agree with the pope – he agrees with us. And we agree with these statements because they’re pretty self-evident – no papal direction required.

Do you think he’d have resonated the same if he’d said ‘sex should be for procreation only’ or the sexually irresponsible ‘no condoms’?

Or take this gem of world love and puppies:

Poverty is often produced by a rejection of God’s love

This concept comes from a particularly repugnant Christian theology where both the poor and rich somehow morally deserve what happens to them, rejecting an entire body of observation about society and the economy works.

Quoth the Theos man again:

‘This confirms the view that beneath the terrible stories of sex abuse that have dominated coverage of Catholic Church in recent times, there remains real potential for the church to connect with the public.’

Um…No.  Again.

Not only that, but while the pope may agree with people, they still don’t like him.

Only 18% thought that ‘the Pope generally responds wisely to problems in the world today’

Only 31% agreed that ‘it is good to have a world leader like the Pope with no political affiliation who can speak out on moral issues’.

40% said that they ‘generally disagree with the Pope’s views on current affairs’.

41% said that ‘the Pope should not speak out on social and political issues’.

Only 29% thought that ‘the Pope’s visit is good for Britain’.

76% agreed that the ‘taxpayer should not be contributing to the costs of his visit’.

He should stay at home and sort out his own affairs before lecturing others on theirs.

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