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James Dellingpole Still Ignorant Shock Horror

This only recently came to my attention recently but I thought it might be worth a mention, being possibly the latest hoax proof anthropogenic climate change isn’t real.  James Dellingpole has written another anti-climate change column.  Now, I know that the Telegraph trying to do science is like watching a rat eat its young and that Dellingpole is a…well, certainly a pole if this is anything to go by.

Basically, someone called Gou Hongyang has written a book saying that climate change isn’t real.

Well phew, that’s a relief.  I’ve never heard of him, but this guy must be an excellent scientist, his research backed by all the resources a country like China can muste…oh wait, he’s an investment analyst. Living in a region with strong coal interests.  Who somehow found the money to self-publish…

You know, I can’t even keep up the mock shock – of course this stuff is drivel.  The fact that Dellingpole has to rely on dodgy sources like this shows just how intellectually bankrupt he is.

I wouldn’t take legal advice from a chiropodist, I wouldn’t take political analysis from FOX News mentalist Glenn Beck; why am I supposed to take hard science analysis from an investment analyst?

EDIT I: Here’s what Chinese paper the Global Times has to say on the subject. Unsurprisingly it disagrees with The Pole.

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