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Is Christianity under attack? (Answer: No)

I see that the Idiocy from Islington has spread to Lambeth, with a pair of registrars trying not to get any gay people on them (don’t read the comments).

The Daily Mail covers the issue in it’s usual even-handed, not-at-all-scaremongering manner:

Judges said the right to express a strong Christian faith must take second place to the rights of homosexuals.

Yeah; that’s a good thing.  In a secular society people are fine to have and share their beliefs up to the point where they contradict acceptable standards of equality and fairness.  ‘Because this book says so’ or ‘because it’s what I believe’* may be acceptable in certain circles, but society at large generally needs something convincing.  Not only that, but why are these people working a public service job if they’re incapable of serving the public?

One last point; comments seem to be heading alone the line of  ‘people still got served,. what’s the problem?’Given that it took mere moments for me to figure this out what they clearly missed, I think I’d better explain it:

These people  didn’t swap shifts to help anyone else, or even really to avoid a fuss.  At the core, they did it to shirk their duties because they had to indulge their bigotry.  If this had been a white person refusing to serve a black, other racial type, disabled or whatever, one couldn’t ask that question without getting shot down.  This is no different just because it’s a different group of people.

As an aside, this is at a time that Conservative Home is running a facepalm-inspiring series of pieces of how Christian liberties are under attack.

Christianity is not under attack; it’s just that society realised that, hey, maybe organising the world around a bunch of demands that don’t map onto how the world works now (or even then, as certain laws were simply to differentiate the Jews from their Pagan neighbours) is a bad idea.  We don’t stone criminals; we rehabilitate them.  We don’t treat daughters as chattel, or have slaves (not counting temps); we generally try to treat others them as the people they are.

That’s what’s changed.  Someone being taken to task for being a bigot isn’t specifically an attack on Christianity.  It’s an attack on behaviour unacceptable in civil society.  If these beliefs mesh with Christian values, then the problem doesn’t belong to society at large.

*Because Bill Hicks is always quotable: “I believe that the Bible is the literal word of God.” And I say no, it’s not, Dad. “Well, I believe that it is.” Well, you know, some people believe they’re Napoleon. That’s fine. Beliefs are neat. Cherish them, but don’t share them like they’re the truth.

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