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The Daily Mail: Helping You Miss The Point

The daily mail, that bastion of public hypocrisy morals has found something special to get upset about.

“Just one in ten babies is born to a white British mother in some parts of the country, figures reveal”.

Surely nothing can go wrong with a headline like that.

From this piece we learn that:

  1. Inner-city people are mostly ‘non-white British’.  Really, deprived inner-city London areas are very non-white?  I am shocked.  Shocked and appalled, I tell you.  It’s almost like non-whites were pushed into areas of deprivation by institutional racism and haven’t really succeded in breaking out.  Possible because, unlike lazy Brit dole-mongers, they’ll work for a pittance?  I’m sure there’s some doublethink reason why.
  2. Rural people are likely to be ‘white British’ (apparently being ‘white British’ matters and that’s why it’s repeated on every line, like a chorus).  Now, as someone who spent a long time living in deepest, darkest Cumbria, I know a little of what these areas can be like and it ain’t pretty.

    OK, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but then again I’m probably not.  I’m talking of a place where the gay pride parade got cancelled for fear of violence, where the pub strip is closed to traffic from Thursday to Sunday to prevent drunks being run over and where the weekend before Christmas is called ‘Black Eye Friday’.  Quite frankly, while being white may be a bonus in the Mail’s eyes, all I can say is ‘try living there’.

The Mail gives a breakdown of what the ”non-white British are, but it’s too vague to be honest.  It quickly forgets the ‘Btitish’ part in favour of scary racial types. And that’s the thing about the core story here. Really it’s a supremely obvious (yet still missed) story about the distribution of race and poverty in the UK, because birth rates (and mothers’ ages) have a lot to do with poverty and eucation.

Another opportunity is missed when Tory Douglas Carswell (A white man born in Africa) provides the usual rentaquote instead of being challenged about his assumptions.

Mixing the blindingly obvious (immigration has an impact on demographics as people settle) with the threatening (it’ll change ‘the sort of country that we are’), it’s no wonder that people are focusing on race as a source of trouble, because that’s all they’re given – I would be if I believed this tosh.  Yet I find it hard to really summon the righteous fury that’ll probably do the rounds because it’s so predictable.

I’m not angry because it’s the Mail doing what it does, I’m angry that it sails right past what strikes me as the real opportunity for self-examination here – the question of why things are like they are and will no doubt sail over its readers heads in a similar fashion.

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